Dec. 3-6 Nor Am Open more social dancing in SF! $50-$75

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Nor Am Open

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:45 pm    Post subject: Dec. 3-6 Nor Am Open more social dancing in SF! $50-$75 Reply with quote

More dancing & 2 workshops
@ North American Open

5th annual San Francisco Festival
$50 just dance or
2 workshops only $100

DECEMBER 3-6, 2009
Hotel discount $75

Preliminary Teacher's announced

NEW performance/TROUPE @ dinner or lunch
& intergenerational PLUS

2 workshops:
nightime classes:
Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, 1920's Charleston & Blues
daytime workshops:
Balboa by...

Main Instructors SO FAR are:
Randy & Kara(SF);
Steve & Heidi(LA),
Nate & Tertia(San Diego),

EXTRA classes with YOUR CHOICE between guests here
or your own suggestion:

Daniel Newsome & Gabriella Cook(Denver & Seattle)
Josh & Emily(Portland)
Jason & Andie (Canada)
Brian Lee & Partner TBA (OC)
Rebecka & Emelie DecaVita(Sweeden)
Minn Vo & Katie Anderson(LA)
Jofflyn & Amber(OC)
Lila Desatoff & Burnie(Anaheim, SF)
or we are open to more teachers not scheduled here!

including tap and more of our favorite swing dances;
International Quickstep & Foxtrot by Muharum from Turkey!
Choose from our past teachers or from whoever you want...
Sylvia Sykes & Jonathan Bixby, Nick Williams, Joel Plys & Alison Plys Scola, Kelly Arsenault & Mickey Fortanasce, Laura Keat & Jeremy Oth(may allready be booked elsewhere), Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau, Corina Acosta, Katie Anderson, Todd Yanacone, Dean Raftery, Ben Yau and Sheri Kang, David Greybill, Brenda CK Collins & Burnie!


Register for Festival at

Register for Hotel by mentioning "Swing Fest" rate by Phone: 1-800-227-4747; Fax: 1-415-487-4436; or E-mail:

FREE Workshops to youth under 15 with Full Pass adult registration.
1/2 off Students on Full Pass Workshops presenting id; Door price only!
(depending on levels & lead/follow ratio)
FREE to volunteers who volunteer for work study before or at the Fest! Or pay for 1/2 & do less shifts! Email

$75 room rate &

$100 full pass OUT OF TOWNER if booking a room

If not staying in hotel...
discount deadlines are:

$135 ENDS by August 30th
$140 by Septemeber 25th
$150 by October 31st
$160 by November 24th
$175 or MORE at Door!
$50 Dance Only Pass (dances only) may go up!
$65 Swing Shift Pass (includes dance & night lessons) may go up!
$125 Day Pass may be available depending on lead/follow ratio
(includes day only and nothing after daytime classes). May go up!
$75 Competition Only Pass (includes dance entry & contest entry's).
Limit 10 persons per contest this year.

$13 Performance or contest alacart
Now instead Performers & Teams get the FULL CASH POT!
Choice between lunch time or evening performance times!
$15 at per person per contest at door!
Limit 10 persons per contest.

North American Open
$100 1st place couple in

FREE pure Balboa Battle
Balboa Swing,
JnJ Bal,

Lindy Hop,
Collegiate Shag,
1920's Charleston
& NOW Full cash pot
(winner chosen by audience ballot)
Performance (team)

More on teachers, schedule & bands tba!
For now here is a bit more about the teachers so far for 2009 (alphabetically by follower first):

Amber Villa & Jofflyn Valencia (OC)
2005/06 Nor Cal Charleston Champs
Founders of Bobbysocks Brigade!

Andre'e-Anne (Andie) Tremblay & Jason Herron (Canada)
Twin Cities 2009 Strictly Balboa Champs
Boston Tea Party 2009 Strictly Balboa Champs
Canadian Balboa Championships Organizers in Quebec City

Brian Lee(OC) & partner
Nor Am Balboa Jack Champion
Hollywood HotShots

Emelie & Rebecka DecaVita (Sweeden)
Couple from Uppsala, Sweeden!
Won several competitions both together and individually (i.a. Stockholm Open & Sweden Balboa Weekend to name a few). Perform in 'Swingkatten' and 'Swedish Swing Society', the two largest swing dance associations in Sweden. Teach Black Bottom, Breakaway, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Swing, Shag, Big Apple & more info below!

Emily & Josh McLaughlin (Portland)
2009 Jack & Jill Seattle Balboa Festival Champs
2008 She was First in Nor Am Same Sex Champion
2007 Oregon Dance Fair's Lindy Champs

Gabriella Cook & Daniel Newsome (Seattle & Denver)
She: 1st International Balboa Champion (Gabby with Joon)
Nor Am Balboa Jill Champion
He: National Jitterbug Champ
Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown Champ
Midwest Lindy Fest Champ
Reno Dance Sensation Champ
Rhythmic Arts Festival Champ
Co-founded, choreographed and coached 23 Skidoo!

Heidi Salerno & Steve Garrett (Los Angeles)
2006 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame Inductee's
2005 National Jitterbug Championships (Pro Bal)
2005 1st International Bal-Swing Champions
Our inspiration for the Festival! You got to see them to believe it!

Kara Britt & Randy Maestretti (San Francisco)
American Classic Balboa Champs
All Balboa Pro Jack Champion

Lila Desatoff & Burnie (more info below...)

Lila Desatoff (Anaheim)
Widow & dance partner of the late great Willie Desatoff.
Fixture in the Southern California swing dance community as a "mid-timer" learning from Dean Collins and other greats!
Clip of Lila & Willie dancing with Willie commentary:
Burnie (San Francisco)
Organizor of the SF Bal Fest, Swingdependance Weekend, North American Open & Northern California Open Swing Championships. MORE BELOW!

Minn Vo (OC)
1st Cal Bal Champion (3 times winner with Corina Acosta)
Harlam Jazz World Lindy Champ (twice)
2008 Nor Am Lindy Champion
with teaching partner Katie Anderson
2008 World Swing Champion
2005 National Jitterbug Champion
2004 Ultimate Lindy Showdown Champ
2003 American Lindy Hop Champion
& an amazing Shagger too!

Muharrem Aydogan watch/befriend him on Facebook as Swing Turk to see his choreography (Turkey)
Swing Dance Federation in Turkey and a fun Ballroom dancer!

Ray Hirsch (San Francisco)
Spunky barely describes this youth from the heyday of swing! We have added an extra time for him to share his films and stories! This Legendary Lindy Hopper and 1930's-40's silver screen featured dancer will dance, tap and talk his way into your heart! (Ray Hirsch pictured above dancing with Judy Garland & here as Mickey Rooney plays drums.)
A Few Films he is featured in are:
1939-Blondie Meets The Boss
1940-Mad Youth
1941-Buck Privates
just to name a few...

Tertia Miyashira & Nate Sartain (San Diego)
2008 North American Balboa Champions, SF Bal Fest
1999 Jitterbug Jam Champion (Nate)
2002 National Jitterbug Championships, 2nd place.
2004 California Balboa Championships, 3rd place
2005 International Balboa Jack Champion
2005 Nor Cal Bal, 2nd place, SF Bal Fest
2005 Nor Cal Lindy, 2nd place, SF Bal Fest
2005 Favorite Balboa Swing Dancers, SF Bal Fest Audience Ballot
2005 American Classic Balboa Championships Jack, 2nd place
2002-2003 Nate was a member of the Rhythm Rollers, a high energy Balboa troupe based out of L.A.
Tertia is currently recognized by the state of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing as a seasoned educator of visual & performing arts.

More on Emelie & Rebecka DecaVita
Black Bottom, Breakaway, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Swing, Shag, Big Apple & more...

Emelie lives in Uppsala, Sweden. She has danced the Lindy Hop since 2001. As a child, Emelie tried many different kinds of dances. However, when she first experienced the joy and energy of Lindy Hop she quickly realised that it is by far the most fun dance. The fashion and music of the swing era has also become a great interest and a source of inspiration for Emelie. It has become her lifestyle. She loves social dancing and improvising to the music, as well as creating choreographies and performing. In 2006, Emelie, together with a friend, founded the swing dance association 'Club Dekadans', and thereby the first social swing dance scene in Uppsala.
Rebecka is from Uppsala, Sweden. She both leads and follows Lindy Hop. Grown up in Tanzania, Rebecka was early introduced to African dances - the roots of the Lindy Hop. When she moved to Sweden, she took up different forms of martial arts as her great interest. However, since Rebecka discovered the Lindy Hop and the diversity of this dance, it takes up all her spare time.
In addition to Lindy Hop, Emelie and Rebecka dance Balboa, Authentic Jazz, the Charleston and the Collegiate Shag. They teach and perform at 'Swingkatten' and 'Swedish Swing Society', the two largest swing dance associations in Sweden. Together they also teach at dance events and camps both across Sweden and around the world. Even though Emelie and Rebecka both have a quite short competing history they have won several competitions both together and individually (i.a. Stockholm Open and Sweden Balboa Weekend). As Lindy Hop teachers Emelie and Rebecka strive to teach good technique in a positive, humorous and effective way. They particularly value the interaction between the leader and the follower and find it important that both dancers inspire each other and together form the dance.

More on Burnie
Organizor of the SF Bal Fest, Swingdependance Weekend, North American Open & Northern California Open Swing Championships.
Burnie is well versed in many styles of Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa Swing, Collegiate Shag, Carolina Shag, Saint Louis Shag, Salsa, and bunches of Ballroom dances. (Lindy Hop is shortened to Swing to fit)...
2009 Teacher Swingn with the Stars, Phoenix, AZ
2009 Teacher & Head Judge in Buenos Aires, Argentina (LHIAF)
2000-2009 Swing, Salsa & Ballroom Teacher classes in studio @ Live Art Gallery.
2000-2009 Choreographer for Troupe.
2009 Tabulator International Balboa Championships, Bal Rendevous.
2008 SFLX committee member.
2008 Teacher Istanbul to Ankara, Turkey @ Vintage Swing Workshops with Burnie.
2008 1st to compete in International Lindy Champonships (ILHC) w/same gender partner.
2008 California Same Sex Lindy Hop Champion.
2008 Lindy Hop Teacher University of California San Francisco.
2008 Troupe class teacher, Tuesday Night Jump Verdi Club.
2008 Teacher Swing'n with the Stars, Phoenix, AZ.
2007 1st North American to teach Bal plus Head Judge in
Buenos Aires, Argentina at Lindy Hop International Argentine Festival (LHIAF).
2007 American Same Sex Swing Champion.
2007 Swing Performer Sutter Health.
2007 Teacher & trainee Vima Dance Ballroom, San Francisco.
2006 Swing Performer Sutter Health.
2006 Nor Cal Same Sex Balboa Champion.
2005 California Same Sex Swing Champion.
2005 Judge Team Challenge Swing Central, Redwood City
2002-2005 Various California Same Sex Dance Champion titles...
2002 Balboa Swing & Collegiate Shag teacher Metronome Ballroom.
2001 Dance Teacher Training College.
His mom says he was conceived on Balboa Island (eeww)

Thank you,
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Nor Am Open

Joined: 05 Nov 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


BANDS so far:

Stompy Jones

Jelly Roll Souls

and more tba...


$15-$20 dance tickets available at the door...

$50 Dance Pass ends soon!

$75 Hotel

$100 Full Pass available
$140 Full Pass EXTENSION for ALHC attendees

Register for FESTIVAL at
Register for HOTEL by mentioning "Swing Fest" rate by Phone: 1-800-227-4747; Fax: 1-415-487-4436; or E-mail:
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Nor Am Open

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We have added two more workshops for the daytime:

& Rhythm Romp in
Big Apple & Trankey Do
with our very own
Catrine Ljundgren!

Plus we have added Lindy Hop with Nathan and Yon!

Contest times have changed...
Check out the schedule at:

or pdf brochure:

check out the new
Intergenerational contest


Make your travel plans to the Fest now!

Ticket prices are low (listed below for all major cities)!
Passes go up soon:
$50 dance pass-just nights no lessons!
$65 dance with lessons
$75 Competition pass includes all dances & all contest fees!
$100 full pass 2 day workshops and 3 nights with lessons!
Register for Festival:

Reigster for Hotel Whitcomb:
Call: 1-800-227-4747
Fax: 1-415-487-4436

Get to the hotel is 40 minutes away from airport and just upstairs from our underground train station:

BART from Oakland Airport(OAK) or San Francisco Airport (SFO)
Flying into alternate cities is CHEAPER
Oakland is a $6 Bart train ride.
San Jose is just a 40 minute $10 train ride.

Tickets are still cheap as of this week:

from &
(note Southwest Airlines does not charge for checking up to 2 pieces of luggage) - all flights are to SFO; Dates of travel 12/3-12/7


NYC (JFK Airport) - SFO = $247 (AirTran) $339 (Alaska air) $249 (Jet Blue)
NY Laguardia = $274 Southwest
Seattle/Tacoma = $129 Virgin America, $134 Southwest
LAX = $109 Alaska Air, $109 Virgin America, $129 United $109 Southwest
Minneapolis St. Paul = $339 Delta (non-stop) $297 AirTran, $304 Southwest
Austin = $207 American, $210 US Airways, $196 Southwest
Kansas City = $259 non-stop Midwest Airlines, $237 US Airrways,
Phoenix = $228 US Airways, $234 Southwest
Washington DC, Dulles = $240 American Airlines
Albuquerque, NM = $296 United, $298 Southwest
Portland = $354 Southwest, $286 Alaska
Dallas Ft. Worth = $333 Frontier
Memphis = $336 U.S. Airways
Pittsburgh = $332 AirTran
Philadelphia = $230 AirTran, $270 Frontier
Charlotte, NC = $228 Delta, NWA
Santa Fe = $343 American Airlines,
San Diego = $109 Virgin America
Las Vegas = $109 US Airways, Virgin America
Denver = $179 Continental (non-stop); $166 US Airways; $189 Southwest
Miami = $269 American Airlines/Alaska Airlines (non-stop);
Salt Lake City = $206 Frontier, $206 Southwest

Thank you,

North American Open & Northern California Open
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